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New Futures Summer Youth Group @I Workshop

Tomorrow marks the start of #nfSYG-@I, finding me diving straight into youth digital literacy programs. How do you build an agile program to introduce the next generation to information sharing resources, to build collective intelligence awareness at an early age?

This semi-structured set of discussions in association with is an ongoing experiment on how to empower youth to utilize digital devices. The program is centered on the concept of information as knowledge, and how sharing adds to the value of personal contributions. The main goal is to get the group to appreciate how their individual interests form community networks of actionable information; and, perhaps plant a seed of interest in careers in information management and interaction design. Along the way, they will be provided a narrative of the evolution and present landscape of information sharing and collaboration tools, from which they can derive ideas and methods to produce media and suggest new interaction design features.

Enough said! Let’s get to it… The program plan can be seen in the public New Futures Summer Youth Group @I Workshop Google calendar. Presently, the main question: who are you, and what do you want to do with an information interaction device?

SeaTac United Moves To The Next Level

SeaTac United achieved several operational milestones today. I could not be more thankful for the support our program for youth development is receiving!

We had 3 new families join our community on the field. Two participating families requested additions of their younger ones to our Sprouts program. And, I got at least three requests on our plan for games in the Fall program.

Kit Ledbetter from SeaTac Parks and Recreation stopped by to visit; and, his observations of the program indicated we’re on a solid growth path. The only thing I could do today was to walk the field, and join in. And, take in the smiles from the kids as they took on one more drill from the Coerver coaches!

We now can proudly take a moment to celebrate having exceeded our Spring program upper boundary! Our Coerver coaches have responded to our needs time and again; and, we’re looking to grow our associate coach ranks on the field on Mondays. As we conduct our Summer Street Games program, we’re looking to induct associate coaches to observe Monday training and help out with Thursday game days. Send a note to if you’d like to join our community development programs.

Been a great day to befit the celebrations of the Eurocopa champions! Viva La Roja! SeaTac IS United!!

Been a While

Thus far, the blog has turned out to be my collection of links that track journalistic trends on changes in information management.
Be on the lookout soon for more affirmative opinions about the state of information overflow, and links to useful tools to manage sense-making on the web.

Of late, I can report that I’ve been occupying my time getting to:

  1. understand deductive databases through the use of Concept Base, to support Smart Grid management concerns
  2. explore web architecture by revisiting XSL design–courtesy of Bob Boiko’s course
  3. administer a local network node, and tour Ubuntu desktop configuration
  4. configured WAMP and Eclipse workspaces
  5. explored HTML5 stylesheets
  6. build an objective Indicators list (normalizing a vocabulary) in support of and its National Happiness Index effort, to map survey results to agency programs–making it easier to support social policy decisions based on interest group input
  7. absorbed “Success Built to Last”, “The 4-hour Workweek”, “Rocket Surgery Made Easy”, “A First Rate Tragedy”, “Predictably Irrational”, “Beautiful Data”, “Into The Jungle”, “The Code Book”, revisited “HTML for The World Wide Web”
  8. digging into online surveys, card sorts, MySQL, apps, usability testing and collective intelligence

Yea…, and some job searches here and there… It’s all Busy. It’s all very GooD!!

Along the way, my prescient consideration goes to the job search. Otherwise, plan B is coming along just beautifully! Besides working out how I can advise the initiatives I hold dear, I am setting the baseline for a retailing advisory enterprise I’ve been researching; and, of course, making time to hang out with my Boys!