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Alot of Nothing But Noise

So, Facebook gets a patent for streaming a news feed…  hmmm…

not long ago, a major internet retailer i used to work for got one for the one-click purchasing process… as I remember it, the patent was only enforced when obviously abusive domain owners extended their reach of use of rights.  essentially, I don’t think FB will want to deal with the reputation-loss and the legal costs of essentially enforcing a flakey patent that reflects the very natural evolution of how people consume information these days, in the chaotic setting that is the web.

We continue to grow this beast that is the social web!

Watch Them P2P Ports

the FTC is warning companies to take steps to control use of P2P behind the firewall

Why go Public on Vulnerabilities?

I’m baffled at how this BPC group got funding to produce a simulation and report on the observations throughout a cyberattack exercise.;_article=1

And, why in the world would you publish the findings through CNN!??  Why don’t we just invite a cyber-terrorist along for the exercise as well!??  Gheez!,0,3859893,full.story

This sounds rather naive:  ““We can turn the [National Security Agency] loose on this problem, and gather tons and tons of information, gigabytes beyond imagination,” he promised.”  Yeah, we’re going to sit there and sort this out as the country comes crashing down…

I’ll give them credit for at least trying to sort out HOW to respond in these scenarios… because, by golly, no one ever seems to prepare for the worst anymnore.