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Validation: Twitter Use Saturation

Perhaps I wasn’t off when I noticed that I’m only seeing 3 maybe 4 out of 20+ ppl I follow on Twitter posting of late.  Could it be that the hype is tapering off?

Has Twitter Peaked
By Doug Gross, CNN
January 26, 2010

You SHOULD be concerned about Privacy on Facebook

A wake-up article for those who still wonder how exactly Facebook delivers such greatly customized content.

On Network Forensic Systems Development Needs… The Difficulty in Proving a Breach

From the NYTimes:

After Google’s Loud Stance on China, U.S. Treads Lightly

Published: January 14, 2010

This article deals with how to keep the Lid on safegaurds while debates rage on the scope, purpose and damage of the recent cyberitrussion event to Google systems purportedly based on a chinese agency masking trough servers in Taiwan and Texas.