dang dog!

Catharsis can take various forms… Here’s how I learned to let it be, today…

Woke up from a looong dream, as I was laying on the ground waiting for the first bullet to hit me, the end of a dream where I’d been trying to hide someone away from goons in three different places… and ultimately failed. I drove Sol to school a little out of sorts…

Then, found myself texting about it with Mayte (my sister) at a nearby park.. just after Byung (my wife) texted me about having just vacuumed dog hair off the seats–good! cause the dog was laying on the floorboard… then it got REALLY interesting.

I let Shadow out of the car to get some relief.. and continued texting Mayte. Shadow came back and stared at the car, with the open front door, which I was standing next to. I asked her if she could go find the bunny, so she’d get a little more exercise; and, what does she do??

She bolts for the door, jumps into the car across the driver seat and into the back floorboard!! Mind you, its been raining, her paws are all muddy! I open the back panel of the suicide door, and yell at her in disgust to get out of the car. She won’t so I drag her out; then shout some more profanities. The day is starting to feel cumbersome, to say the least.

Reaching for the baby wipes. I wipe the seat away for 5 minutes. She’s cowering by the car as I regain my composure, open the back panel again and invite her back into the car.

But, to my absolute horror, instead of climbing into the back floorboard, she dauntily proceeds to park herself on the back seat!!! You know, the ones that Byung had lovingly vacuumed yesterday!!!!! “You gotta be F*N kidding me!!”

So, I practically tossed her out of the car this time, cause she wasn’t understanding why I was so pissed off; and, get back to my seat scrubbing cycle.

After another 5 minutes have passed wiping while listening to Jubal prank some unsuspecting lady about recovering her password, I settle into the pace of affairs, let the dog in and head home… all the while thinking Byung jinxed me!!

So, it was with great passion that I related to her my experience during the first hour of today; and, we both got a good laugh when I suggested that the dog’s stupid sensor was somehow connected to Byung’s anxiety.

As I told Mayte, I’ve had worse days. I had to go through all that so I could have my moment of release, and return to being all smiles. Shit happens for a reason.
Don’t let Stupid get to You. Have a Great(er) Day!! ;P

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