How Do We Best Promote Sustainability?

I have been kicking around the number of opportunities in promoting sustainable practices, the use of renewable resources, and the adoption of self-reliant natural systems through which we can nurture our selves with minimal investment. We all agree it matters; but, how do we get people to Care!??

I have recently registered with the, and was trying to sort out how could I fit and contribute most effectively to the Permaculture Study Center in Corozal, P.R.  My interest is in building community learning systems. So, I put together this model as a baseline to discuss opportunities in developing new curriculum for differing ages and learning levels.  If you have strong opinions about how to get people to embrace Sustainability, I want to hear about it.  Send M.E. an email {me[at]bohemio[dot]com}.

Como se puede ensenar acerca de la sostenibilidad?

Let me know if you have further ideas on how to expand this model, particularly the highlighted area (at right) of aprendizaje/sistemas–I owe the public at large an english version of this mental map.

I anticipate opportunities to:

  1. structure camps for students, while they build solutions, maintain research and knowledge sharing information systems
  2. conduct community seminars, in partnership with equipment providers, so that methods and kits are more easily adopted
  3. publish a toolkit for the community, to increase knowledge, simplify adoption, raise funds for the Permaculture Study Center, and establish the Center as one of the premiere sustainability research centers in the Caribbean
  4. build learning hands-on learning programs for the Department of Education

All these opportunities present an opening to collaborate with educators, the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Energy, among others, along with the regional universities.

Someone is going to have to write up the lesson plans, organize events and publish best practices guides. I think the Think Green Tank ought to be the first to take an organized stab at the gap in public knowledge.

By connecting well established institutions, particularly those that would not see it their mission to advocate sustainability, we can create wider awareness and penetration with the public at large.

Given my involvement with, perhaps its worth checking in with the policy makers to find out how they handle communitiy outreach.

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