Summer Is A State Of Mind

Met some great folks at Semantic Seattle Meetup tonight, where I learned about the Conceptual Cube.

It’s a still night in the PNW, with a full moon to boot. My beans are at their peak, squash is coming along, my sunflowers and beans and peas grew over 7 feet, lettuce has gone to seed, and the carrots are on their way…

Enjoy the bits of August that remain!

I’m working on a few exercises to incorporate complex intergration risk management into the Project Management curriculum at UW (Informatics) and CityU (MSPM). We’ve been discussing breaking out the development plan for a PV installation, as one approach to manage a complex project–perhaps a localized community PV array.

I have been assessing the latest approaches to project management, myself; using LiquidPlanner to organize portfolios, and working out collective intelligence (knowledge sharing) program requirements.

The next month is all about getting my undergrad class structured, and working out how to extend the existing assignments to incorporate complexity–what I have been kicking about with Andy Wold over the past four months.

Andy wants to use a simplified version of N-Squared interactions analysis model to instruct on complex systems integration theory and risk management practices. And, it turns out that Joe Simpson’s been sorting out how existing solutions could be improved.

It’s a small world, and I happen to find myself at the nexus of next gen conversations on renewable power management and how to handle organizational change, across functions and geographic boundaries. Had someone asked me what I’d be doing with myself three years ago, this would be the furthest I had in mind. But, the curious thing is that I’ve consciously (if very slooowly) acted on my wish to better understand integration challenges and adopting sustainable practices.

Life has it’s ways…

My continued interest lays in researching community PV solutions (systems, home device integration, and systems power sharing and balancing info needs.) I’m on the verge of unifying my baseline research on organizing community development food and energy information programs, and perhaps applying to pursue that PhD, once and for all.

Positive change is based on sustainable systems planning… and, I am going to really enjoy getting better at advising on how to productively organize, and even leverage, the complexity in this digitized, hyper-connected world of ours!

It’s all a systems change management project, after all, right?! 😉

Change IS To Be Expected, How Are You Managing IT?(c)

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