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Had Grandpa Only Known

My Abuelo raised hogs, and he would’ve just found this bit of news very exciting.

Hog Manure Used to Make Asphalt..  Who’d had thought.

Also, a very interesting development today in the SEC taking civil action against Goldman Sachs over duplicitous investment vehicles, just after I watched that Frontline piece last night on Brooksley Born’s attempts as Director of the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission to get some regulation in place to monitor derivatives trading.  None other than Larry Summers was dispatched to build a campaign to silence her.  I now understand why it is that so many find it appalling that Summers is sitting in Obama’s circle of trust.  If nothing else, this lawsuit should open up the way for public support for financial regulation.

On An Evolving Market…

Good Monday!

New Microsoft Phones Aim at a Younger Crowd

SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft is trying to home in on a younger, chattier demographic with two new cellphones centered on social networking.

From the start, Internet users have taken for granted that the territory was both a free-for-all and a digital disguise, allowing them to revel in their power to address the world while keeping their identities concealed.
Published: April 11, 2010

Source: NYTimes

Krugman on Building a New Energy Economy

An article on the new Green economy was just released this week on the NYTimes site, by Paul Krugman.

Should be good fodder for the GPWG.  ;P