There’s a Surge in Semantic Information Processing On The Way

I find this type of article fascinating in how they reflect we are reaching a point where there is quite a bit of competition in the market for semantic web analytics. We should follow these trends and seek to profile their evolution as these services mature. You don’t know what computing services just may be dreamt up next!

New Search Tool Aims at Answering Tough Queries, but Not at Taking on Google

Published: May 10, 2009

WolframAlpha, a powerful new service that can answer a broad range of queries, has become one of the most anticipated Web products of the year. But its creator, Stephen Wolfram, wants to make something clear: Despite the online chatter comparing it to Google, his service is not intended to dethrone the king of search engines.

“I am not keen on the hype,” said Mr. Wolfram, a well-known scientist and entrepreneur and the founder of Wolfram Research, a company in Champaign, Ill., that has been quietly developing WolframAlpha.

Here’s another sandbox toy I’ve been analyzing of late.
This one allows you to establish the relations a person has on any given public network that is truly open. Twitter being the only one thus far to return a full set of my own relations in the forums I typically frequent (FB, Twitter and Live).

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