About ME

Hola!  This site is intended as a repository for Mario Edgardo’s documents, opinions and interests; and, as a space for fair and reasoned discussions on technology adoption and its impact on culture.

My professional interests are in information management, value-sensitive design and risk management.  I can often be found obsessing over the appropriate cost-benefit balance in the development cycle of technical solutions.  My passion is in helping people to realize their risks and opportunities, by deconstructing the situation, and collaborating as a guide to bridge the information gap towards an optimal solution.

When I’m not riding the virtual net wave, I like to commune in the Great Outdoors, whether hiking, biking, scrambling, climbing, diving or forraging (on the sea or on the land!).  I am often found working out landscaping projects that use natural recycled materials–stone, driftwood, copper and glass.

I am a voracious reader; and my choices often find me mulling over the evolution of the human condition (where have we been, how much have we changed, and where could we possibly be going with all of this shtuff we’ve amassed thus far?), in particular our seemingly unquenchable thirst for new gadgets and how they transform our lives.  Usually known to consume several sources at a time relating to exploration, anthropology, policy, behavioral economics, communications, design, culture and personal development.

I see life as an ongoing cycle of concurrent Engagements, Exchanges and Experiences, where we continuously build from what we are challenged with. I thrive in making sense and finding meaning in the cultural implications of the compromises we are forced to make every day.

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