Notable Projects

Here’s a listing of the projects I’ve been honored to play a role in, whether as a leader, individual contributor or systems analyst.

Purposeful Sampling Sports Mobile Apps, Independent Research
University of Washington Information School | July 2013 – Present
.Ranked the relevance of user experience content in professional sports team mobile applications to determine best of class factors, to include the apps for Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders, Chicago Fire, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal, OneFootball, ESPNfc and the Brooklyn Nets
.Contributed to the simplification of the TEDS factorization framework for assessing information artifacts, reducing the list from forty (40) to twelve (12) factors
.Configured and managed the research team’s Google Forms evaluation instrument (survey) prototype

Multi-touch and Mobile Interactions
USGBC Caribbean | July – October 2013
.Planned and remotely coordinated the inter-sectorial collaboration of USGBC Caribbean, 3M, laKomuna, Avanzatorio, and three student teams from Puerto Rican universities competing to design and deliver multi-touch and mobile interactive solutions over a six week development timeline, using a contextualized agile project management framework, as part of USGBC’s multi-media Green Market installation at Interphex 2013 in San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Youth Summer Digital Literacy Workshop | June – August 2012
.Organized a 5-week series of open forums to discuss digital resources and internet tools with underserved youth (ages 12-17), in partnership with New Futures

Complex Project Management WG
City University (Seattle) | Spring 2011 – Summer 2012
.Contributed group collaboration scenarios for a graduate course on complex project management integration

Seattle Area Happiness Index Project (SAHI)
Sustainable Seattle | Winter 2010 – Summer 2011
.Researched data aggregation, visualization and reporting concerns for happiness initiative survey results
.Structured and conducted public policy manager surveys to build consensus on the list of population wellness indicators to be monitored

Green Power WG
Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity [UW] | Spring 2011
.Contributed user dashboard interaction use cases in developing a concept for a community-owned distributed renewable power resource (grid)

Impact of Public Policy On Information Assurance Programs
InfraGard AGORA | Fall 2010
.Led research and co-authored study on operational impact of U.S. cyber security laws, and proposed CIO toolkit to increase awareness on the exposure to liability

Tax Information Batch Reporting Project Lead
PayNorthwest | Spring 2010
.Managed a capstone project to re-engineer a batch reporting process based on Design for Six Sigma
.Directed discussions on integration needs, prototype design and testing, and process documentation
.Produced the XSL transform document, and prototyped the .NET ASPX application to automate tasks
.Led testing with and received certification from State of Washington Labor and Industries; and, reduced total monthly process time from one week to under 4 hours

Association of Information Management Students
The Information School, UW | Spring 2009 – 2010
.Vice-president; organized speaker engagements to satisfy membership professional development goals

Usability and Value Proposition of Professional Sports Web Assets
Independent Study | Spring 2009
.Researched the effectiveness of sports websites using the TEDS information value factors framework

Fraud Order Sidelining Policy  Cell Phones and Services Store | Winter 2007 – 2008
.Identified fraud indicators (behavioral and geographic), and established order sidelining rules
.Negotiated account investigation resources; and, eliminated ~$60K+ quarterly loss in low-profit markets

Competitive Merchandising Analysis Musica Latina Project | Winter 2007 – 2008
.Informed feature requirements by evaluating usability factors across the top digital music download sites

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