Thanks for stopping by to review details of my work experience! Please use the links on the right margin of this page, under the heading Vitae to navigate this section of the site. There is certainly more information within these pages that you will need to establish an image of my potential contributions to your organization; yet, it is my hope that within these pages you will find a record of my work life that is as close to complete as you will find anywhere else about M.E. (Mario Edgardo).

Here is a short description about my professional and personal disposition towards Life.

Change Agent dedicated to the production of information resources that support community growth programs and empower individuals to share their knowledge and experiences as custodians of our beautiful Planet. Generally tasked in the role of Program Manager, Mario’s expertise spans over sixteen (16) years in Client Relations, Business Intelligence, Systems Analysis, Operations, Project Management, Business Continuity and Risk Management, Information Architecture and Human-centered Design.

You will find within the pages in this Vitae details of my past work experiences, academic preparation and teaching experience, web development projects, and community development initiatives, all of which have enabled me to achieve a degree of specialization where I am able to provide  information systems design and operational management advice.

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The LONG Version

I dwell in the realm of Knowledge, the Perception and Valuation of Information. Sense-making. My interests lay in understanding how people within a particular context and pressed by organizational goals are motivated to leverage unrealized information needs and create enduring value.

I am a facilitator of change, a Change Agent, who seeks to improve processes and user experiences through the use of information resources.  Some of the aspects of change to which I contribute to are in the areas of needs analysis, decision-support systems, project management, workflow optimization, information architecture, and business continuity (or risk management). I specialize in developing context-aware frameworks to interact with stakeholders, interpret facts, document processes, and leverage information to increase capacity.

My efforts over the past few years have focused on acquiring depth of knowledge across enterprise functional groups; and, to develop a matrix of methodologies to support  inter-disciplinary agile solutions development. My goal has been to better understand how to adapt my methodologies to facilitate a collaborative process, based on the technical capacity and culture of the client organization and its resources.

I believe strongly that there is not a single approach to resolve information needs during a given change cycle. Yes, there are fundamental milestones to be achieved along the way; but, I don’t subscribe to a unique kit of change management practices. Rather, I draw from my prior experiences with Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Business Continuity Management, ITIL, PMI, Kanban, SCRUM and Agile development practices to establish a customized change process that maximizes participation, enables efficient interactions and provides a high degree of visibility to contributors, collaborators and stakeholders. For me context determines the way forward, and community is key to success. It could be said that my professional life has been devoted to understanding how people, working in collaboration, find, perceive, make sense of, and leverage information to result in what I like to refer to as “Collective Intelligence”.

To serve my clients more effectively, then, I have learned the importance of understanding the stakeholders’ Environment and Culture, as a baseline for change and growth. As the problem set is defined and solution designs arise, it has been critical to develop a sensitivity to common languages, organizational value systems, and perceived (vs. actual) organizational capacity; and, to give those aspects proper attention as it relates to their impact in the cycle of change. This awareness, coupled with both academic and work backgrounds that have enabled me to balance the (sometimes competing) interests of business and technology managers, has allowed me to lead many cross-functional collaboration projects to completion.


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