Feedback from individuals who have supervised my work in the past or have collaborated with me in recent projects.

“had the pleasure of working with Mario… many things that make Mario outstanding… forthright, not afraid to present challenges, he is eager and his mind is always going… creative and will not stand for status quo, he is always looking from various perspectives… energy and tenacity are radiating and his desire to learn is going to bring him far… open to a challenge… managed with little direction to move forward on projects with odd scope or changing scope and with little involvement from others… a go getter and will walk right up to anyone with a smile and have a true desire to learn what they do and what he can do to help…”
Shannon Coursey-Dodge, Consultant at Slalom Consulting

“led a project team … to create and implement a scalable bulk filing solution. Because of his efforts,… became the first approved bulk filer in the country… continued to support the effort by offering suggestions for further automation and rationalization of the workflow. I would love to work with him again – he was able to work with a variety of people on a complex set of requirements that had to satisfy three different entity‚Äôs requirements and delivered an extensible solution that made everyone happy!”
Monica McCool, Product Manager at Vertafore

“takes time to understand the reality of resource use while committing to a high goal of development for himself and others… establishing clear objectives for the development of AIMS members. He believes strongly in collective explorations of info science topics as a way to foment curiosity in how information changes people’s lives everyday.”
Subramaniam Ramasubramanian, Program Management | Machine Learning | Big Data Analytics | Business Performance Management at Microsoft

“shows great insight and works diligently on assignments… brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm in a group and is definitely fun to work with.”
Shreyas Verma, Senior Associate at KPMG LLP

“an outstanding intellect… gets his mind around a problem situation and is relentless in analyzing/grasping its essence and how to solve it… does everything with the same level of excellence and produced some amazing work…”
Dr. Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Fellow at Aberyswyth University

“he impressed me… as a motivated, thoughtful and insightful individual… I expect him to be a high-performing member of some lucky organization’s information management team… His work is detailed, well-grounded, and focused on results, whether done individually or as a part of a team…”
Mike Crandall, Senior Lecturer and Director, iAffiliates Program at University of Washington

“impressed me when I first met him with his energy, passion, and customer obsession… was always ready to tackle new challenges with a seemingly-inexhaustible enthusiasm… readily adapted to a changing role and new opportunity learning to manage and deliver projects… did not hesitate to roll up his sleeves in SQL to see a long, complex, and difficult project through… tenacity was unmatched.”
Amanda Powter, VP of Product – TV at

“He is smart, works hard, and is a very dependable person. He always maintain a very positive attitude, which was key to the success of our team.”
Stanley Yao, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

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