I am a value-driven information systems workflow specialist with over fourteen years of work experience contributing to and leading interdependent software development teams in support of global user experience, operations and customer support information management systems, with applied subject expertise in

.Information Management Lifecycle, User Needs Assessment, Systems Architecture

.Human-centered (Value-sensitive) Information Solutions, Design and Prototyping

.Process Management, Benchmarking and Workflow Re-engineering

.Program Management, Policy, Operations and Continuous Improvement

.Business Intelligence, Data Modeling, Data Mining and Competitive Analysis

.Change Management, Technical Project Management

.Business Continuity Planning, Systems Assurance and Enterprise Risk Management

.Compliance, System Controls and Monitoring, Regulatory Requirements

.Knowledge Management, Training and Professional Development, Information Sharing

Snapshot of Qualifications

.Driven information workflow scientist with over 10 years of work experience at the largest online retailer

.Certified in methods to evaluate policy compliance, systems risk, and ensure business continuity

.Trained to eliminate waste, optimize performance, and balance increasing responsibilities

.Skilled in building conceptual and workflow models, and evaluating inherent value and vulnerabilities

.Adept with prototyping methods, benchmarking, testing requirements and integration processes

.Practiced in the planning, evaluation, and prioritization of functional and technical requirements

.Able to effectively coordinate and lead the efforts of technical and non-technical resource teams

.Accomplished coordinating change using Traditional, Agile and SCRUM project management practices

.Experienced with distributed system models, network protocols and domain control concerns

.Native fluency in Spanish



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