Project Management

As part of my contributions to a variety of projects on process improvement and human-computing user interactions, I have had opportunity to develop a personal toolkit to facilitate change collaborations.

Some of the best tools in project management have developed into web-based project planning and implementation environments where remote stakeholders can effectively contribute to the progress of an initiative. I have used and studied several options, including Asana, Liquid Planner, Mindjet Connect (aka Vision), Twiddla and Trello. I find Trello to be the most effective, based on its cost (free) and usability. Alternately, and driven by curiosity as to the comparability of utilization factors, I decided to use Mindjet Connect (image below) to facilitate the collaboration of remotely based stakeholder teams working to support the Green Market exhibit at Interphex 2013 (San Juan, PR), sponsored by US Green Building Council San Juan and 3M. Ultimately, the choice was an effective solution given the time we had to complete the project. That said, Trello remains my favorite platform for project collaboration, mainly because it makes it very easy to exchange and review document versions as solutions arise.


Mindjet Vision Collaboration Environment

Mindjet Vision Collaboration Environment


As part of my visit to San Juan, I had a parallel goal to guide lakomuna/ICO Llc during its formation period, establishing a set of operational principals. The goal of the organization were to develop and deploy a simple framework by which to mentor and develop community leaders to adopt change practices that would help them establish relationships across sectors of the economy in order to attract community growth investments. Given that not very many stakeholders in this process were likely to be adept at using advanced change management software tools, I developed this simple multi-modal project planning and management matrix to advance the contributions of stakeholders.

Event Planning Sheet


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