I have spent much of the last five years considering how to leverage technology effectively, according to an organization’s development maturity capacity.  Sure there are countless frameworks at hand to choose from when settling on how to manage a project or re-engineer a process.  But, what makes one effective as a process manager is a combination of workflow simplification and stakeholder inclusion.  These papers arise from my coursework at The Information School at the University of Washington; and, my involvement with non-profit organizations over the past few years.  My focus throughout has been on how to most efficiently adapt the methods researched in class and in my work life into practical, everyday strategies to resolve key operational challenges through mindful incentives and a value-added approach that was sensitive of benefit to all stakeholders.

At the end of the day it is all about being practical (efficient!).

This portfolio is undergoing some publishing pains… Change is a work in progress!…

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