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On Ambition

“My ambitions were scattershot. I’ve never been a planner. I find myself with an opportunity and decide if I want to take it. Then I dig in. I just want to be good at it. And I’m more motivated by fear of failure than ambition to succeed.” (Rachel Maddow)

Assessing The Usability Of Professional Sport Team Mobile Apps

There are many methods to establish a mobile application’s usability and engagement factors. Our research team is working on streamlining the TEDS (Taylor-Eisenberg-Dirks-Scholl) information value assessment method in order to build an information service that will allow us to conduct rapid assessments of mobile apps.

Here is a test survey that is structured based on TEDS:

Transition Day

Here’s an image I worked on recently to mark the conclusion of the inter-sectorial collaboration with USGBC, 3M, El Avanzatorio and laKomuna.

Downstream Effects