IA Bits: On Privacy at Work + Intercepted Drone Feeds

Two cases highlighted in Slate today remind us that we are still sorting out the law when it comes to our sense of privacy.
In one case, the Supreme Court takes up a case on the Privacy of Text Messages at work:
The other news flash comes from a finding that our drones in the Middle East are being hacked using cheap software tools–when isn’t it the case?
Insurgents can easily hack drones:
I got to thinking the other day that CISO’s should always be invited at the design strategy sessions for any new information system solution, lest the value created in the application is lost when someone discovers an unrecognized back-door mechanism through which the system could be compromised. I say this because chances are that the hackers of the drone planes were exploiting a radio control option created in case someone had to take over an unruly drone from a mobile unit on the ground.

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